Too Much Information

Fatsouls is thrilled to release Too Much Information, the second collaboration with Dele Sosimi featuring remixes by DJ Said, Stephen Rigmaiden and Fuminori Kajago. The release title refers to the reality of living in the information age where technology permeates all facets of life.  Check out the three mixes to the original track produced by Dele Sosimi, an Afro beat Meastro who was at the epicenter of Fela Kutis reign and the Afro beat movement. Dele, who now resides in London, was Felas right hand man and musical director of Felas Egypt 80 band. He has since gone on to manifest his own solo career, producing two albums, Turbulent Times and Identity, and running London’s successful all-night event, Afrobeat Vibration.

Dele Sosimi
Catalog# FSR016


Too Much Information

Artist : Dele Sosimi

Just weeks after the release of Sub Saharan Passage, Fatsouls drops Too Much Information, a unique underground afro-house gem.